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Although the Deluxe is an automated wash system, any auto wash requires some hand preparation to achieve a 100% satisfactory result. Thor’s Deluxe Wash follows a set sequence of manual pre-washing by no fewer than 3 crew, before moving on to the automatic wash. Pre-wash covers the rear of the trailer, the wheels, gunnel rails and guards, and a high pressure lance and bubblebrush system on the cabin, sides, and rear of the truck. The whole process for a B-Double combination takes approximately 45 minutes, which includes a 15 minute automated process.
The Express Wash option is much simpler and quicker than the Deluxe wash option. It consists of a full pre soak application for the cabin and trailer combination by an employee followed by an automated full high pressure, touch free ‘slow pass' cabin and trailer wash with a combination rollover trailer wash. The pre soak has a significant ‘dwell time' programmed in that ensures a good penetration of product assisting in the high pressure wash cycle.
Thor works with some of the biggest fleets in the country and can assist fleet managers with maintenance scheduling and tailor a programme to suit budget constraints and timing issues. Options include onsite and weekend automated washes. Coopers Plains’ Mobile Unit can come to you for fully detailed and environmentally-friendly hand washing by our experienced team. Fleet customers enjoy automatic “Preferred Customer” status for significant savings. Contact us for a competitive quote.
Showers, big screen TVs, snack vending and complimentary coffee provide a comfortable, relaxing environment to take a break from the road while our team takes care of business.
(Coopers Plains Only) 2 Self Serve bays are self-operated via tokens or coins and have full wash options for the truck drivers that prefer to do the job themselves, including 2 vacuum bays to use prior to washing. Wash Options include: Prewash, Engine Cleaner, Tyre Cleaner, High Pressure Soap, Wax, and High Pressure Rinse.
At thor we have branched for cleaning, restoration and finishing of trucks from inside only to produce a show-quality level of detail.
Our Coopers Plains site includes a machine hoist for full underbody washing, completing the full menu of wash options. This service is fast, economical and provides superior results. Please note, underbody wash is by appointment due to waiting times so remember to book ahead.
It’s here At Thor Truck Wash now we are providing new service..
  • GPS and Radio installations from our experienced technician.
  • Repairing & Testing
  • Fleet Management, Satellite Radios
  • Truck Alarms
  • Desk Cameras

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"I have used many truck washes but the result i got from the THOR was outstanding . The Crew at THOR do a bloody good job they are very professional and well trained team. I'd recommend them for sure."